Business Solutions

Sequerra offers top-quality customisable business solutions – designed, tested and proven in South African business environment.

When you invest in any of our solutions you can be certain that you’ll not only be receiving value for your money, but a lasting commitment to the highest levels of professionalism and customer care.

  • Customer Data Management and CRM Platforms
  • Customer Portals
  • Business Portals
  • Call Centre Integration Protocols
  • Employee Performance Control Systems
  • Lead Management Systems
  • Lead Distribution Systems
  • Timesheets Control Systems
  • Lead Processing and Automated Quoting Systems
  • Advertising and Marketing Platforms
  • Procurement Systems
  • Digital Communication Systems
  • Intranet and Extranet Platforms
  • Score Card Control Systems
  • Meeting Control Systems
  • Intranet and Extranet Systems, and more…


Multi-functional business portal which provides:

  • Easy Interaction between account managers and customers
  • Interaction between management and account managers
  • Account managers target control
  • Client complaints management (by Management)
  • Real-time chat between account managers and clients
  • Invoicing control with payment system
  • Personalised bulk/personal email and SMS facility
  • Various business processes automation


  • Customer data management
  • Customer type segmentation
  • Dynamic customer data filtering
  • Communication platform (with personalised bulk emails and SMS functionality)
  • Automated reminders
  • Events Calendar (integrated into Outlook)
  • Detailed reporting and more


  • Leads collection form
  • Leads categorisation
  • Managers’ access to the real time lead information
  • Full control of consultant’s performance
  • Detail reporting on the leads received through different channels
  • Automatic escalation procedure in case of leads not being attended


  • Leads collection form
  • Leads categorisation
  • Detail reporting on the leads received through different channels
  • Ability to generate PDF quote documents for leads, according to the legislation requirements
  • Automated medical aid / insurance plan selection based on inputs given
  • Manual medical aid / insurance plan selection
  • Financial and other Leads – output to external Financial intermediaries, Key Account Management Lead / CRM Systems via I/F (activated by additional selection on one of the Lead Forms)
  • Rewards Leads – output to Rewards Program systems via I/F External Leads input (activated by additional selection on the SX Lead Form)
  • Input of additional (external) leads – import from external Lead / CRM Systems
  • Automatically generated quote for the specific medical Aid Scheme or
  • Automatically generated comparative quotes between various Medical Schemes


  • Create, manage and archive meeting discussions, meeting notes, projects due dates and project statuses for KAM’s, Brokers and KAM Managers (by using Meeting Manager)
  • Communicate with KAM clients/contacts by using template-based bulk/single emails and SMS’s
  • Automate communication processes (birthday message, festive greetings etc)
  • Access all past communication between KAM’s, Brokers and their clients, including meeting notes
  • Manage Prospecting Sales
  • Manage Business Development and
  • Manage Sales Target Performance
  • Reporting

Business Performance Analysis System which allows instant access to following crucial information of business performance, including:

  • Financial
  • Customer Focus
  • Internal Business Process
  • People Development
  • Performance Summary
  • KRA Initiatives
  • Documents
  • Action List

Built in and intuitive performance alerts, action lists, access to relevant documents and more…

Employees/consultants performance/timesheet control system

  • Labour brokers setup
  • Multiple teams’ setup
  • Project and tasks allocation
  • Tasks control system
  • Widget on/off facility
  • Team performance management
  • SLA hours control and statistics
  • Consultant performance tracking
  • Employee task allocation
  • Employee task performance
  • Employee task reporting
  • Budget vs performance allocation
  • Easy to use widget
  • Monthly, weekly and per date range timesheet reporting per project
  • Project timesheets snapshot and full reports
  • Actual vs budget reporting per project
  • Timesheets per Client / Project / Area / Task
  • Timesheets per Employee or Consultant / Project / Task
  • Intuitive graphic display
  • Financial Reporting
  • Consolidated report per Consultant on all assigned projects
  • Automation of the invoicing process
  • Data Exports
  • Integration into accounting and invoicing systems and more

  • Powerful, yet simple to use Internet business application
  • SX Procurement System integrates following functional modules into one multifunctional bundle:
    • System Administration Module
    • Supplier module
    • Purchase Orders module
    • Tracking Orders module
    • Product and Services module
    • Business Cards creator module
  • The system allows access for 4 levels of users:
    • Administrator
    • Employees
    • Managers
    • Suppliers

Digital campaign creator, which integrates and automates:

  • Email bulk communication
  • SMS bulk communication
  • Automatic Facebook campaigns placement and
  • Automatic Linked In campaigns placements

System also provides detailed campaigns reporting on all levels and data integration in Client’s contacts databases.

  • Access to accounts information for residents and tenants via API (regardless of the accounting package used)
  • Document Access System for residents, directors and trustees
  • Complex/Residential Estate information for residents, directors and trustees
  • Powerful communication platform and CRM system for Portfolio Managers
  • Debtors information
  • Portfolio access
  • Mobile Portal extensions (for customers without Internet access)
  • Building representative information and more…